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Home About Us Sponsorship Membership Training Programmes Archives Feedback

Radio Fremantle | 153 Rockingham Road | Hamilton Hill | Western Australia | 6163

Telephone: (08) 9494 2100 | Email: admin@radiofremantle.com

© Creative Community Radio Incorporated.| ABN: 80 590 148 721

Radio Fremantle encourages you, our listeners and visitors to the website, the opportunity to provide your input into the programming at the station. We encourage you to send an email with your comments about the present format on the station and what you would and wouldn't like to hear.

If you would like to become either a co-host of a particular program or assist with the preparation of an individual program (ie. Obtain weather reports, proof-read Community Announcements, etc.) we invite you to lodge your interest by contacting Lorraine on (08) 9494 2100 or email admin@radiofremantle.com.

As a Community radio station, Radio Fremantle continually strives to provide quality and varied programming to suit its listeners and comply with the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice. By encouraging our listeners (irrespective of location) to provide feedback on our programs will enable us to address the specific issue and, if requested, we will provide you with a response.

On the very rare occasion when a program time-slot becomes available, you are encouraged to lodge your application for that specific time-slot, provided you have successfully completed our Training Course and become a station member. Your application will be considered in accordance with the Station's Guidelines. Please be aware that it may occur that a presenter who is already on-air, may wish to move to the vacant time slot. If that happens, then their slot will then become available. The station also welcomes applications from Indigenous; multicultural or disabled individuals.

Finally, our Membership Page provides all the information you need to know about becoming a member of Radio Fremantle. It costs just $33.00 per year (individual rate.)  If you would like additional information or would like to submit your name to become a volunteer, please call (08) 9494 2100 or email us!  Remember, your feedback is important to us. Thank you. We look forward to hearing from you.